Plane Coffee - From Cockpit to coffee

From Cockpit to Coffee

Life as a pilot consists of many hours in the air, and it is no secret that also pilots drink a lot of coffee. Many times you have limited access to proper quality coffee, and this was the start of journey for us to find the best and easiest way to serve a really good cup of coffee, no matter where you are. After a lot of research, the result was Plane Coffee - Nordic Blend, a single-serve coffee bag with Colombian specialty coffee.
Pilot med eget kaffemerke

All you need to get perfect coffee every time, is to add water. Plane Coffee is a completely new and ingenious way of making coffee, where the coffee is wrapped in environmentally friendly and compostable bags. One bag give you one cup of coffee, and the amount of wastage is therefore considerably reduced. Perfect for our planet!

Piloten ble lei av pulverkaffe