Cold Brew Coffee ┃Plane Coffee

Cold Brew Coffee ┃Plane Coffee

Plane Coffee is wonderfully good as cold brew coffee? But what exactly is Cold brew?

Sommerens trend: Cold Brew kaffe! Plane Coffee gjør at du kan lage verdens beste cold brew kaffe på 1-2-3!

Cold brew or cold brewed coffee is coffee brewed with cold water, as opposed to hot coffee that has been cooled (as we know it with iced coffee in this country.) has a very sweet and round taste, even without added sugar! The popularity is growing, but there is some confusion about how to easily make it. With Plane Coffee coffee bags you do not have to look for recipes, it is very easy!

How do I make cold brew coffee?

1. Put 3 bags of Plane Coffee in a jam jar or Mason Jar. (We recommend that the glass holds about 1l.)

Lag Cold Brew kjempeenkelt! Bruk Plane Coffee kaffeposer og bare tilsett vann!

2. Pour over 600ml of fresh, cold water.

3. Screw on the lid and turn the glass slightly.

4. This is the most difficult step: put in the refrigerator for about 12-18 hours.

Cold Brew kaffe. Lag Cold brew på 1-2-3 med Plane Coffee!

5. Take the glass out of the fridge and take out the coffee bags.

6. Pour cold brew into a glass or mason jar with ice cubes. 50% coffee - 50% other milk product or something else good you like in coffee. Here the possibilities are many! We chose a slightly lactose-reduced milk with vanilla, but you can have it in cream / creamer / oat milk. You can also add syrups or flavorings that you like.

7. Vipps then you have the world's best and tasty coffee drink. Perfect all year round, but even better on a sunny summer day 😍

What we can promise is that cold brew is here to stay!


Cold brew kaffe med Plane Coffee

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